2017 Soloists & Ensembles in Residence

Composition applicants are welcome to submit scores ranging from solo to the full ensemble. Any subset of the following ensembles-in-residence will be considered for performance.

Option A (1-4 players):
Mivos String Quartet, with or without electronics
Option B (1-6 players): Ensemble Interface – 1 flute, 1 clarinet, 1 violin, 1 violoncello, 1 piano, 1 percussion, with or without electronics.
Option C (1-4 players): Smash Ensemble – 1 soprano, 1 flute, 1 guitar, 1 cello
Option D (1-3 players): Brouwer Trio – violin, cello, piano
Option E (solo flute): Erik Drescher, guest soloist, (C flute, alto, bass, and glissando flute available)

AVAILABLE PERCUSSION for Ensemble Interface only: Vibraphone, Bass Drum, 2 suspended cymbals, 2 toms, 2 bongos, 1 trap table. Auxiliary instruments and household items (anything that can easily be transported in a medium suitcase) must be approved on a case by case basis or supplied by composer. Works or proposals that include percussion instruments not listed may be subject to revision or not considered; we may accommodate some minor exceptions if possible. If you have questions, please write to vipa.applications@gmail.com


Mivos Quartet (New York, NY, USA)
The Mivos Quartet, “one of America’s most daring and ferocious new-music ensembles” (The Chicago Reader), is devoted to performing the works of contemporary composers, presenting new music to diverse audiences. Since the quartet’s beginnings in 2008 they have performed works by emerging and established international composers who represent varied aesthetics of contemporary composition. Mivos is invested in commissioning and premiering new music for string quartet, particularly in a context of close collaboration with composers over extended time-periods. Recent collaborations include works with Mark Barden (Wien Modern Commission, Dan Blake (Jerome Commission), Richard Carrick (Fromm Commission), Patrick Higgins (ZS), Sam Pluta (Lucerne Festival Commission), Kate Soper, Saul Williams, Scott Wollschleger and Eric Wubbels (CMA commission). Mivos is committed to working with guest artists, exploring multi-media projects involving live video and electronics, creating original compositions and arrangements for the quartet, and performing improvised music. The quartet has appeared on concert series including Wien Modern (Austria), Transart (Italy), Music at the Phillips (Washington, DC), Lucerne Festival (Switzerland), HellHOT! New Music Festival (Hong Kong), Festival International Chihuahua (México), Edgefest (Ann Arbor, MI), Asphalt Festival (Germany), and Aldeburgh Music (UK). www.mivosquartet.com

Ensemble Interface (Germany)
Ensemble Interface, an international collective of musicians founded in 2009 in Frankfurt am Main, is committed to contemporary music through performance, educational activities and research. As a ‘Pierrot-plus’ sextet, we have taken on the challenge of a wide-ranging repertoire, all the while offering new perspectives for this classical set-up. We believe that risk-taking and experimentation are crucial to the artistic process, and we interface this framework with everything we are dedicated to: new and existing works, as well as with our interactions with artistic partners and audiences. The ensemble began performing together as members of the 2008/09 International Ensemble Modern Academy (IEMA) in Frankfurt/Main. Interface has worked with some of the world’s foremost composers, conductors, and musicians including Georges Aperghis, Peter Eötvös, Brian Ferneyhough, Beat Furrer, Pierluigi Billone, Helmut Oehring, Donatienne Michel-Dansac, Franck Ollu, Enno Poppe, Rebecca Saunders and Lucas Vis. The ensemble has also developed a strong focus on staged performances and music theatre. Interface has appeared in venues all over Europe and in the USA, Eastern Asia and Australia, including the Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik Darmstadt, Ultraschall Berlin, Wien Modern, FGNM Frankfurt, Rheinsberger Pfingstwerkstatt, Impuls Festival Graz, Gare du Nord Basel, Dampfzentrale Bern, Cité des Arts Paris, YSTCM Singapore, Teatro Dal Verme Milan, American Academy Rome, and June in Buffalo NY (USA), among others. Passionate about sharing their commitment to new music, the members of Interface engage in a wide number of educational activities, ranging from projects for school children to workshops for composers and performers in international academic institutions such as Hochschule, Frankfurt; Rheinsberg Akademie; Yong Siew Toh Conservatory, Singapore; Sydney Conservatorium; Queensland University; Kentucky Center Governor’s School for the Arts; Bilkent University, Ankara. Interface has been featured in CD productions with Johannes Boris Borowski and Jagoda Szmytka (WERGO) and in broadcasts on Deutschlandradio Kultur. More information here.

Brouwer Trio (Valencia, Spain)
brouwer1Ever since their successful debut in France, the B3:Brouwer Trio, composed of Jenny Guerra, violin, Elena Solanes, violoncello and Carlos Apellániz, piano, have established themselves among the leading chamber groups in the contemporary music scene, especially among Spanish and Latin American composers of their generation. The B3:Brouwer Trio undertake contemporary works with the same rigor in concept, energy and passion they dedicate to Classical-Romantic repertoire, making them a unique formation in the current field of Spanish chamber music, as stressed by critics who have complimented their brilliant performances for their “beauty in sound, individual virtuosity, clear and balanced blend, and flexible sense of rhythm”. Their compromise with contemporary music is their motivation and main basis of their work, as can be noticed by the numerous works specially dedicated to the trio by composers such as Leo Brouwer, Jordi Cervelló, Mauricio Sotelo, Marcela Rodríguez, Voro García, Eduardo Morales-Caso, Igmar Alderete, Jose Javier Peña Aguayo, Claudia Montero, Georgina Derbéz, Yalil Guerra, Alfonso Ortega, Doménech González de la Rubia, Enrique Sanz-Burguete, Juan Luis Martínez, Roberto Mosquera, Daniel A. Cozzi, or Ariel Hagman. www.brouwertrio.com

Smash Ensemble (Spain)
Considered as one of Europe’s finest formations, SMASH ensemble is a “cluster” comprising top musicians for all over the world specialized in contemporary music. The artistic direction has developed it’s repertoire and creations towards hibridations with diferent trends such as poetry, bunraku puppets, electronic music, philosophy, and a series of diverse pedagogical projects. SMASH ensemble has performed in Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, Poland, Portugal and Spain, in festivals and concert seasons such as Musiikin Aika (Finland), ContemPuls, Meetings of new Music Plus 2011 (Czech Republic), Saison Opus (France), Festival Internacional de Guitarra de Monterrey, Festival de Música Contemporánea Música Nueva (Mexico), Festival ENSEMS (Valencia), Museo Reina Sofia, Auditorio Nacional (Madrid), Nous Sons Festival (Barcelona), Quincena Musical Donostiarra, Festival de Música de Alicante, Cycle of Contemporary Music BBVA Foundation (Bilbao), Gaida Festival (Vilnius, Lithuania), Guarda contemporary music cycle (Portugal) or Centre Tchèque, Fondation Suisse (Paris, France). In 2011 were born two projects that display the enthousiasm to integrate different artistic trends in classical contemporary music: Pierrot Lunaire/Bunraku, a staging of Arnold Schönberg’s music and japanese Bunraku puppets; Lengu’entrebescada a poetry and music cycle produced in collaboration with the University of Salamanca which is inspired by the troubadours of the twelfth century. In 2012 premiered antecommeDia (2006-2012), an instrumental cycle of pieces by spanish composer José Luis Torá inspired in Dante’s Commedia. SMASH ensemble and the Festival Internacional SMASH de Música contemporánea, make part of the devices of the Asociación SMASH (Salamanca, Spain), which aims to promote and foment classical contemporary music. www.smashensemble.com

Erik Drescher, Flute
erik1Erik Drescher is a freelance flutist, performer and curator for contemporary music based in Berlin.
In addition to a very active international career as a solo performer, he has performed in many ensembles for contemporary music. He has premiered an enormous number of new pieces, the majority of which were also commissioned by him and dedicated to him.
He has been working with composers like Peter Ablinger, Maryanne Amacher, Antoine Beuger, Axel Dörner, Sabine Ercklentz, Julio Estrada, Dror Feiler, Friedrich Goldmann, Hauke Harder, Hanna Hartman, Adriana Hölszky, Nicolaus A. Huber, Jamilja Jazylbekova, Sven-Åke Johansson, Christian Kesten, Artur Kroschel, Bernhard Lang, Klaus Lang, Alvin Lucier, Michael Maierhof, Maximilian Marcoll, Chico Mello, André O. Möller, Andrea Neumann, Chris Newman, Ivo Nilsson, Helmut Oehring, Christoph Ogiermann, Younghi Pagh-Paan, Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri, Gérard Pape, Uwe Rasch, Jaime Reis, Manuel Rocha Iturbide, Marc Sabat, Friedrich Schenker, Cornelius Schwehr, Martin Schüttler, Salvatore Sciarrino, Simon Steen-Andersen, Stefan Streich, Chiyoko Szlavnics, Mauricio Valdes, Jennifer Walshe, Jeremy Woodruff, Lidia Zielińska.
A special focus in recent years has been his work around the glissando flute, a normal C-flute with a variable-lenght headjoint replacing the standard mouthpiece. He is the editor of “The Glissando Flute Collection Erik Drescher” (Verlag Neue Musik), a collection of solo works composed for the new instrument.
Since 2012 Drescher is curator for music at the theatre Acker Stadt Palast in Berlin.