2015 Program Notes & Composer Bios – Concert #4: Jenny Lin, piano








Chiyogami Suite (2009) – S.R.Kisselbaugh (1985)

Chiyogami is a type of decorative Japanese paper typically used for origami. Not only is it a title of a movement within the suite, but it is also descriptive, as this is a suite of music based on decorative paper – art. Each movement of Chiyogami Suite is based on a piece of art by my friend, Jerry Phillips, and shares its title. Each also depicts some type of action. “Just Before” is a print of a leaf right before it hits the ground, and so the movement follows the path of the leaf from being attached to a tree to its final spot on the ground. “Progression” was a study in color and shows two seahorses engaged in a mating dance. The music plays between red (jerky) sections and blue (soulful) sections. The constant ascending and descending figures of “Stegosaurus” follow the movement of the dinosaur. “Chiyogami” illustrates the activity in the colors and design on the decorative paper. And finally, “Growth” returns us to the leaf from “Just Before,” which has become a part of the earth it landed on and is assisting the the growth of new life.

(547) 2S.R. Kisselbaugh received her Bachelor’s degree in Music Research from Murray State University in Murray, KY in 2008. She then attended Ball State University in Muncie, IN, where she earned a Master of Music in Composition in July 2010. She is currently ABD in Music Composition and Theory with a secondary in Choral Conducting at Ball State University. In 2013, Kisselbaugh was an integral part in creating a collaborative concert with the Ball State University Chamber Choir and the student composers. This concert is now a yearly activity and had it’s first call for works this fall. Kisselbaugh is also a member of Ball State’s SCI student chapter and has held the offices of President, Vice President, and Treasurer. “Just Before,” the first movement of her composition Chiyogami Suite was recently chosen to be part of the SCI Region V Mixtape. Chiyogami Suite has also been chosen to be performed at the Society of Composers Inc. 50th Anniversary Conference in November 2015. At Ball State, she has studied composition under Dr. Derek Johnson, Dr. Eleanor Trawick, Dr. Vera Stanojevic, Dr. Jody Nagel, Dr. Richard Pressley, and Dr. Amelia Kaplan.

Hypochondriasis (2015)* – Nahyun Kim (1979)

Hypochondriasis refers to worry about having a serious illness, also known as health phobia or illness anxiety disorder. In hypochondriasis, the patient doubts and distrusts the doctors’ diagnosis, and a doctor’s reassurance about their complete medical evaluation is unconvincing. The piece depicts the patients’ feelings such as fear, anxiety and disbelief. The rhythmic and thematic (including specific pitch sets) materials represent this emotional complexity in the context of “doctor shopping.” Many short musical gestures are agitated, fugitive, and aggressive, yet they are also emotional, expressive and dramatic. These active motions seek a solution. Each of the six short movements contain their own motivic ideas, but are always unified to a central point, positive desire of mind that is represented by a certain pitch such as D#.

nahyun KimNahyun Kim composes in a complex and unique modern idiom, combining set theory with engaging rhythmic profiles and romantic sensibility. Through numerous conferences and festivals, her works have gained recognition in Ukraine, Italy, China, France, Korea, and throughout the United States. In addition, Dr. Kim’s string quartet, Iracundia won competitions and received performances at the 2014 PUBLIQ Access Showcase Concert in New York City and at the 2013 Kiev New Music Festival. As a scholar, she presented her research paper, “Development of the Original Korean Musical,” at the Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities. Currently she is an adjunct assistant professor at Kansas City Kansas Community College where teaches music theory, piano and composition. As a composer in residence for Grande Gioia Music in Seoul, Korea, she is appointed to work on an opera based on traditional Korean themes, which will be completed and performed in 2017. Dr. Kim earned her Bachelor of Arts in Music, and Master of Arts in Music Composition from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, where she studied composition with Sheila Silver. She completed a doctorate in composition at the University of Missouri-Kansas City where her primary teachers included Chen Yi, Zhou Long, Paul Rudy and James Mobberley. In addition she has participated in master classes and had additional lessons with Christopher Theofanidis, Dmitri Tymoczko, Mario Garuti, Akira Nishimura, Louis Karchin, Fabien Levy, Stephen Hartke, Alvin Singleton, Christopher Rouse, Claude Baker, Paul Lansky, John Psathas, and Ezra Laderman.

Slow Balada – E. Montesinos Comas (1945)


Eduardo Montesinos Comas (Valencia, 1945) es un pedagogo y compositor español de música contemporánea. En la actualidad es director del del Conservatorio Superior de Música “Joaquín Rodrigo” de Valencia.

Montesinos estudió en el Conservatorio Superior de Música de Valencia solfeo, piano, composición y dirección. En todas las materias, obtuvo las mejores calificaciones, y también obtuvo el premio de “Fin de Carrera” en piano y fuga.

Durante tres años fue crítico musical del diario Levante de Valencia. Como compositor, ha escrito varias obras importantes para banda, interpretadas en Europa y más allá por orquestas como la Royal Armonía de Thorn, la Banda Municipal de Valencia, la Orquesta Sinfónica de RTVE o el Forward Wind Band, Harelbeke, Bélgica, entre otros.