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Valencia International Performance Academy & Festival, July 6–11, 2020


The lifestyle and hours are a little different in Spain. The main difference is that the main meal of the day, “La comida” is usually eaten around 2pm. Dinner is usually eaten around 9 or 10pm. So, if you go to a restaurant at say 12 noon, or 7pm, they are unlikely to be ready to serve you.

When time and circumstance permit, people will take a break and nap anywhere between 2 – 5pm, so if you are staying in an apartment, people usually refrain from practicing their instruments or playing music loudly during these hours.

The meals are outlined below:




Typical Food

Desayuno / breakfast Morning café con leche, tostadas con tomate, croissant.
Almuerzo 11 AM bocadillos, pincho de tortilla.
La comida lunch 2-3 PM often a 2 or 3 course meal, with a café to finish. The main meal of the day. Followed by a siesta (nap) when time and circumstance permit!
Merienda / afternoon tea 5-6 PM café and snack – biscuit, cake
Cena 9-10 PM Tapas, a restaurant meal, usually had with alcohol.


Hola – Hi
Gracias – Thank you
Por favor – Please
De nada – you’re welcome
– Yes, No – No
¿Dónde está [..] ? – Where is […]?
¿Cuánto es? – How much is it?


The two main areas for eating out and nightlife are:

El Carmen (the old town)

Both are walking distance, although el Carmen is ~40mins walk from the conservatorio. It probably takes a similar time as waiting for a bus.



BUS: Buses 92, 93, 4, 19 and 95 connect the city center with the beach (Malvarossa), all of them passing near Iturbi Conservatory. You can pay cash on board, or buy an EMT card from a tobacco shop (called “Estanco” in Spanish) and top it up.

ValenbisiMore info here

The simplest way to reach the hotels from the Airport is to take the subway directly to the XATIVA metro station (both lines 2 and 5 should take you there) and follow the google map for the bus. There are of course taxis available as an alternative – popular ridesharing services like Uber or Lyft are not currently available in Valencia, but there’s the MyTaxi or Cabify apps which you can download and use in the city.



NH Valencia Las Artes / Las Ciencias, Avinguda de l’Institut Obrer de Valèncià, 26, 46013 València, Valencia, Spain.


There is a printing shop on the opposite corner to the entrance to the Conservatorio. We have extremely limited printing capabilities in the VIPA office, so please plan to print either at the aforementioned print shop or elsewhere.


Conservatorio superior de música “Joaquín Rodrigo”, Carrer de Ricardo Muñoz Suay, s/n, 46013 València, Valencia, Spain.



Be aware of your surroundings and remember that you are conspicuous as a tourist here. Do not leave any personal belongings unattended for even a minute. For example, after a pleasant evening you go to the beach for some drinks. You leave your backpack / camera bag on the beach and walk only a few meters away to talk to a friend, but the bag isn’t in your line of sight. When you return it isn’t there. This happened to a composer a few years ago!



To request a change to your lesson time, rehearsal or anything else on the schedule, reach out to / see Emmanuel Berrido or Carlos Amat.

The master schedule is a ‘live’ document and will be updated as required – please check the schedule regularly. Every evening (except for Saturday, July 13th), we will send a daily schedule digest with the activities planned for next day (lessons, rehearsals, concerts, etc.). Please keep an eye out for those during the Festival!




Carlos Amat:

Email: [email protected]
Cell: +34 669 425 002 (WhatsApp / Text / Phone)

Juan Lago:

Email: [email protected]
Cell: +34 625 580573 (WhatsApp / Text / Phone)