A Note About VIPA 2020

Dear friends,

Due to some changes to our usual logistics, we at VIPA Festival have decided to postpone our Composition Program until the summer of 2021.

Please know that we will open our applications again during the Fall of 2020, and we are surely looking forward to getting to hear exciting Music and to get to know the amazing composers that we’re always lucky to host at our Festival.

Many thanks to those who have reached out to us asking about the Festival, and we definitely look forward to connecting with you next Fall!


The Staff at VIPA Festival

VIPA was an amazing experience for me—not just because of the workshops, the presentations, the rehearsals, and the performances, but because of the bonds I established with the faculty, staff, and other composers there. At first strangers, we soon became a tight-knit group of friends who explored the city together and chatted over paella and drinks. […]
I didn’t meet a bad composer among the group, and the expert musicians highlighted each of their strengths and stylistic idiosyncrasies. Everything from upstate-New-York-like rhythms to wild avant-garde screeches sounded in the conservatory’s concert hall. The variety of output was impressive.[…]
It’s rare to find a festival that does so many things right and brings people together effectively. VIPA is that festival. I never felt overwhelmed with too many activities, nor bored with too little to do. The performers were top-notch, and the composers were all decent writers. Plus, Carlos Amat rides a scooter like a boss. In total, it was a worthwhile venture from beginning to end.
– JP Lempke, 2018 Alumnus

It was an honor to be accepted into the VIPA program. The faculty were extremely enjoyable to work with. I received great insight into music and my own progress as a composer in lessons. The musicians were top notch; they both listened to what we as composers had to say about our music and gave their own helpful input as well. Their performances were spectacular. However, the one thing that really stood out about VIPA was the support and camaraderie among all of the composers. There was a great stylistic diversity, yet all showed support for each other regardless of style. I would highly recommend VIPA to any young composer looking to immerse themselves in a comprehensive and ultimately rewarding musical environment.

– Evan Anderson, 2017 Alumnus

I had a fantastic experience hearing, thinking about, and writing music at VIPA. The other participants, faculty composers, and performers all contributed to a thoughtful, exploratory environment that made me consider new ideas and approaches. The openness of the schedule, as well as the fact that it became more open as the festival progressed, was critical in this regard, since it meant that there was time for socializing and reflecting on all the music we were experiencing. Also, the international nature of VIPA is invaluable; it helped me understand my own perspective, and some of my own assumptions, in relation to others’ points of view.

– Nic Chuaqui, 2017 Alumnus

For General questions regarding the festival and questions regarding the application process may be directed to: [email protected]